Products and Customers by AndrewMartinMarbella

Review 1 - By Valeria.S

We recently completed a custom project called “Eternal Elegance” for the interior of an escort residence in Marbella catering to a unique clientele. This project involved creating a luxurious and discreet environment for an escort girls’ house. The client, Valeria S., shared her experience:

“Working with AndrewMartinMarbella to make the beach bar a reality for the guys in Marbella of,was an absolute pleasure. His attention to detail and understanding of our specific needs were just what we needed because we don’t understand that much of this world. We wanted an environment that combined elegance, comfort and would convey passion with some red… And they achieved exactly that! They made the rooms super cool with gold, exclusive rugs and paintings and… Ha. It’s all been a real pleasure!”

Products and Customers by AndrewMartinMarbella

Review 2 - By Samara.T

The professionalism of this man surprised us a lot when we saw all the advice he quickly gave us when asking for advice, the treatment was exquisite, we couldn’t ask for more…our local clothing store was perfect and very feminine! Just what we were looking for since me and my daughter can’t do this so well. I recommend it!

Review 3 - By Jorge.M

“After a long time with the bar being a little dated, finally through word of mouth we decided to choose Andrew to help us redesign the atmosphere in our establishment and give it a fresher touch. We were not wrong at all with the decision! The bar was authentic! We are very grateful, the photos of how it turned out can be seen at

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